To answer your questions…

I saw this posted online, and had to share for the laughs. If you’re a fellow MoM (mother of multiples), you’ll get this! 

1. Yes, they are twins.

2. They are fraternal.

3. Yes, we can tell them apart.

4. A boy and a girl.

5. That one is the girl. 

6. Yes, I’m positive they’re not identical.

7. Yes, twins run in my family. They run all over the place!

8. Yes, we found out before they were born.

9. Yes, we were shocked.

10. Yes, they’re on the same schedule.

11. I’m glad it happened to me, too!

12. Yes, my hands are full.

13. No, I didn’t watch Jon and Kate plus 8.

14. Yes, they are natural. What’s an artificial twin, anyway? 


I’m exhausted

That’s all I can think to reply when I’m asked how we’re doing. Maybe that’s a little too honest for people, but it’s truly the truth. I feel so incredibly lucky to have two beautiful, sweet babies, but I am mentally and physically exhausted. 

I saw this quote, and I thought, “Hell yeah, I’m exhausted!”. Every day, no matter how exhausted I am, I get up in the morning for my babies (ah, who am I kidding… I get up all night long, too!). I change their diapers. Feed them. Cloth them. Grocery shop for them. Do their laundry. Entertain them. Rock them. Buy them toys. All. Day. Long. 

And, the exhaustion is well worth it, because they get to have a GREAT parent.