You’re like, a celebrity now…

Pregnant with twins or multiples? Just wait. You’re practically going to be a celebrity.

Everyone loves babies, of course. But, I didn’t realize how fascinated people were by twins, until I got pregnant. When I started to show, everyone asked the typical questions: when are you due and what are you having. As soon as I would say that I was having a boy and a girl, you could see their face light up. A boy AND a girl?! Granted, my frame is tall and thin. I could have very well passed as having a singleton, and could imagine their surprise when I told them I was walking around with two buns in the oven, but it never failed. Que all the questions and comments: “Are you having a C-Section or natural?” “Are they identical or fraternal” “My uncle’s cousin’s friend is a twin!”

Think that was the end? Oh no, no, no. Now, they’re born.

After the twins were a few weeks old, we started taking them out, because, well, you have to continue living your life. Here’s what I’ve learned with my new “celeb” status:

  • If there is a child of talking age within close vicinity to you, you better believe he/she will squeal “babies” and point at them. At this point, the parent will turn to look, and say “she has two babies”.
  • If at any point someone is around you long enough to look inside your stroller, you’re going to be stopped (with a screeching, “TWINS?!”) and talked to. This is definitely going to happen if it’s a woman of older age, think “grandma”.
  • Everyone asks their sex, as if it weren’t obvious by the outfits they are wearing. 
  • Also, “Do twins run in your family?”. (PS. This isn’t the only way you can have twins- IVF, being 35 years old+, and stopping birth control can yield twins) 
  • Everyone, I mean, E V E R Y ONE comments about how you have your hands full.
  • You’ll hear the words “bless your heart” a few times, too.
  • You’ll probably be cornered once or twice.
  • And again, “Are they identical [or fraternal]?”

I’ll admit, it’ll get annoying when you’re asked the same questions on a daily basis (especially when you’re exhausted), but it’s pretty comical, too. I always have to remind myself that people are so excited about multiples and want to talk to you, because not everyone gets to have more than one baby at once!


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